Moving Elementary Students to a Different Gradebook

 When students get moved from class to class in the Elementary, teachers need to follow a specific process to move students. This process will ensure that the student will not have duplicate classes listed on their report card. 

  1. First the teacher that will no longer have the student will need to open their grade book and remove the student. 

a. They may wish to run an assignment summary PRIOR to removing the student if they want to give the next teacher a record of grades from the current grade book. 

b. Next they will go to Tools…Remove Student and pick that student to remove. 


  1. Once the student has been removed from that grade book, the student will be available to be added to the new class. The teacher of the new class they are going to will then add them to their grade book. 

a. This teacher will open their grade book and go to Tools…Add Student. 

b. Highlight the student you wish to add and then select how to insert the student. The student can be added alphabetically, at the end, or on a particular line. If you select to choose the position, then enter the line number to add the student in. If you don’t pick a line number, then the student will be added as the first student in the grade book. 

c. The teacher will get an additional selection that will display the subjects already assigned to that student, along with whether the student can be added to your grade book or needs to first be removed from a different grade book. Select the one you wish to add and touch “OK”. The class should be listed as “available to add”since the prior teacher has already removed that student. If it is not listed as available, that means the old teacher has not yet removed the student from their grade book. 


  1. Once the student is added to the grade book, any previous grade history can be added for assignments. If the student doesn’t have scores for the previous assignments, then just leave those blank. 

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