Assignment Summaries

To run an assignment summary from a grade book, go to Classroom…Grade Book and click on the grade book you wish to run the assignment summary for.

A quick view of student assignment charts are available if you click on the grade the student has right on the grade book page.  

Once you click this you will see a student assignment summary, which includes a graph.  If you hover over any point on the graph, you will see the assignment name and grade the student received.

Teachers can run PDF assignment summaries directly from their grade books by clicking Tools and then choosing “Assignment Summaries”

Choose which student to create the assignment summary for

Touch OK

The assignment summary will then be downloaded as a PDF document.  Every assignment for that grading period will be listed as well as a breakdown of points by category and total grade.

Assignment summaries are available to parents/student online by touching on the graph icon by each subject

School employees may access the assignment summaries by touching the calculator icon then the blue subject link wherever they can access a student preview

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