Setting up Elementary Subjects - Class Setup

 Elementary Subjects are set up at the beginning of the year and used for the entire school year.  The office can set up elementary subjects for the teachers ahead of time. 

  1. To do this, go to Classroom…by Home Room.

    1. In this view, select your name from the “Select” dropdown and then click “Apply”.

      • This will checkmark all the students in your homeroom.  Then click the “Create Class” button to create your subject.

    2. You can also select specific students that you want in the class and click the “Create Class” button to create your subject.

Enter the name of the Teacher

Select the grade level for the subject. 

Pick the subject code from the dropdown

Enter your Subject Name. 

If you wish to have a different name for the report cards, enter this name in the second “Subject Name” field. 

Select the grading scale for the class.  


When you click “OK”, the subject will be created and the students will be tied to that class.  The subject will be listed in the Classroom…Grade Book View.

You can then click on the class name to get a roster of the students in the class.

The state course numbers/subject codes are automatically assigned to the subjects based on the Subject and Grade Level entered when the subject is created.

ie If you choose grade level 2 and Language Arts 0420.02 will be automatically assigned


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