Student Comments

Comments can be entered via the teacher grade books.  These comments will then appear under that specific class on the report card as well as be available on Family Access.  To enter comments, open the grade book page from the Classroom…Grade Book view.

Click the arrow next to the student name to open up the field to enter progress/report card comments. 


The comments will be carried over to any new grade books within the same term. 


Teachers will need to edit/remove comments as needed.


 Comments will then appear on any progress reports or report cards that are created.  


At the end of a grading period or whenever the teacher wishes to clear comments, they can either be cleared by individually changing the comment under each student or by clearing in mass.  To clear comments in mass, go to Tools…Clear Comments from the grade book page.  This will then prompt you if you wish to clear comments for all students.  If selected, every student in the class will then have their previous comment erased.


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