Adding students to a grade book

  1. To add a student to a grade book, open the grade book page

  2. Click Tools…Add Student.

  1. You will then see a list of the students to pick from to add to your grade book. 

For elementary, it is a list of all students.  For secondary schools it is a list of students the office has enrolled into that specific class. 

  1. Highlight the student you wish to add and then select how to determine their position on the grade book.


For elementary only, you will get an additional selection that will give you a guide as to whether the student can be added to your grade book yet or if they need to be removed from another grade book first.  This link will assist with how to move students between teachers for a subject.


It will display the subjects already assigned to that student, along with whether the student can be added to your grade book or needs to first be removed from a different grade book. 

Click on the subject you wish to add and click “OK”. 

If the student hasn’t been in this subject, then click “Enroll for the first time”.


  1. The student will then be added to the grade book.  Any previous grade history can be added for assignments.  If the student doesn’t have scores for the previous assignments, then just leave those blank or enter an E so they are known to be excused.


At the elementary level if the student has already been enrolled in this subject make sure to remove the student from the prior class and add the student to this class rather than choosing “Enroll for the first time”. If these instructions are not followed you will have duplicate subjects on the report card.