Enrolling New Students

Main view touch Add Student

Complete the search criteria and touch Search for student

If any student(s) match the criteria you should select their name and view the details about the student.  If this is the correct student follow the onscreen instructions.


  • If the student is an Active student you will cancel and either transfer the student from the active school to the new school or if in your building already no action is needed


  • If the student is Inactive in another building you can choose to bring that student information into your building.


  • If the student is Inactive in your building go to Inactive and search for the student.  Then enter a New Enrollment for that student.


If there are no exact matches you will be presented with possible matches for you to review.  If you want to see more details for any of the students select their name.  If the student is the correct student, you can follow the same procedure listed above.


If none of the matches are correct touch Search Ed-ID Portal





This will launch the interface between Harmony and Ed-ID.

Complete the search criteria and touch Search Ed-ID Portal.  Only the Last name and First name are required.  However, the more data you enter the more specific the search.


If any results are found in the IDOE Ed-ID system they will be returned for you to review.  


  • You can review the name, birthdate, sex, race, language code, match score and Ed-ID the Ed-ID system has for possible matches.  


  • If any of the results are the correct student, touch the green plus icon to accept the student.


This will pull the information from Ed-ID and create a new student for you to continue the enrollment process.


If none of the students are the correct student touch the Create new Ed-ID button.

If the data for the new student is unique enough (less than a .90 score) the Ed-ID will immediately be created and a new student will open with the new Ed-ID and you can continue the enrollment process.


If there are matches with a score of .90 or higher the IDOE team will review the request.  In this situation a Pending ID will be assigned to the student.  You can continue the enrollment process.  You can edit the student and touch Check Ed-ID status to see if a new ID has been assigned yet.  If so, all the records in Harmony will be updated with the new Ed-ID.

**Note the Create new Ed-ID process will take approximately 30 seconds

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