Semester Tests

Semester tests in Harmony are entered through a test grade book.  To do this, teachers must first finalize their grading period grade book.  Once that is finalized, they can click the “New Grade Book” button in the Classroom… Grade Book view.


 They will select the term and class to create the grade book for.  Then they will enter the grade book settings.  The grading period selected must be “Test” in order for this to count for the semester test grade.

Once the grade book is set up, the teacher would then enter the appropriate assignments that will count for the semester test.  If they only are giving the semester exam, then they only need to enter one assignment and record those grades.  However, if they have several assignments that count for the test grade, then they would enter each of these assignments.

When the grades are entered, the teacher would click the “Finalize” button to finalize the grade book. 

The grade book will then show under Classroom…All Grade Books as a finalized grade book for the test grading period.  The grades on this grade book will count for the semester test grade and will average into the final term grade based on the grading method selected on the grade book.


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