INTERS Vocational Export

  1. Make sure your courses are all appropriately marked as vocational.  To do this go to Guidance... Courses and Classes.  You can use the Search feature at the top to enter the course number you are looking for.  Then touch Search.  If you want to go to courses that start with a 4 you can just enter 4. 


  1. Open the course and touch Edit.  On the far right make sure Vocational is marked.  Also, if you do not use state course numbers on all of your courses, make sure the State Subject Code has the correct IDOE Course number.  Then touch save.

  1. Once your courses are updated go to Office Use... Data Exports.  Pick INTERS Voc Report from the dropdown, change the file name (optional), select all and touch Run Report.  The report will include student class documents for the year.  If you want to only include a certain term, you can easily remove the unwanted lines from the file.

  1. Once the report has been ran, you will have a blue link Your report is ready, touch here to download to open the file.


Touch on that link to open the csv file.

If you have students missing data, review the Guidance tab of the Student demographics.  There is a Vocational information section.  Complete those fields were appropriate.



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