Direct Certification - Import

Downloading the Direct Cert File

The DOE matches your students based on the SSA (studentSchoolAssociation) records submitted via the DataExchange.  

  • If this is the first file download (beginning of the school year), you will select DC Download History. 

  • If this is after your initial file download (during the school year), you will select Review New Matches. 

  • Touch on the Building # link to retrieve your file. 

  • Save the file. (do not open the file)



Importing the Direct Cert file in Harmony

Go to Office Use…Direct Certification.   Touch Import Direct Cert

Select date.  It will be a different date each time you import the file.  Choose the file location to import.  Touch Import.  

This file will update the individual students that are in the file. If you look at their demographics…Office Use… Lunch Account area you will see the data imported.

In addition, you will see the updated lunch status in the free/reduced status view, the textbook rental views and the cafeteria account.


If The file you have is not encoded correctly if it will not import. 

Here is how you can format it correctly.  


  1. Save the file to your computer

  2. If the file is a csv file do file….open with….Notepad

    • (if it is not a csv file…rename it to a csv file)

  3. Do file…save as and for the coding pick Unicode.  It should look like below. 

  4. You may then import that csv file

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