ISTEP Import

You can download the student data file from the testing company by in either .xls or .csv format. You should choose the csv format.  There is no need to modify the file prior to importing, as our import is set up based on the expected file layout.


File Specifications

The testing file must have header row and be imported as a csv file.  You may open the file in Excel to view the data; however, please do not save the file.


The file layout is as below.  The columns of importance, that must be in the correct position are STN, Grade, Subject, Scale Score, and Proficiency.


The data is expected in the following columns:

ELA and Math

STN column C,

Grade column K,

Subject column P

Scale Score column Q,

Proficiency column R


Import Instructions

To import the file go to Guidance.. Standardized Tests.  Touch the Import Test Scores button.

Pick your test (choose ISTEP) from the choices, enter the date you would like recorded for the tests, touch browse and find your csv file. 

Then touch Import.  You will receive a confirmation message when the process is complete.

You may now view the results when you open the student demographics and touch Test Scores.


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