Picture - Importing All

Importing School Pictures in Harmony

This process will take jpg image files and upload them to the students demographic page.

The import is set up to run by building, however it doesn't hurt anything if you have all your pictures in one location, it will ignore pictures that don't belong in that building.



Under Office Use, choose system settings


At the top of the window, touch on =actions and then select Import student pictures


You will be presented with a window to import pictures

Touch Select files to choose the pictures to be imported. School pictures must be named with the student's id number for the import to work.


Select the pictures you want to import, you can select all, or just a few files, then touch Open


This will display all of the files you have selected and are ready for import

When you are ready to import the pictures, touch Upload now


When the upload is complete you will see message that the upload finished, touch Done, and that's it.

Staff files import following the exact procedure above. They should be named id.jpg

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