Assigning Graduation Information to Senior Transcripts

To assign a graduation date you will do the FIRST STEP of the rollover process, go to Office Use…Rollover….Promote Students.


  1. Select the grade level of 12 and which students will be retained (not be graduating at that date).  Each student check marked will display to the right so you can see a running list of student names that will be marked as retained. 

  2. Enter the graduation date for the seniors (select from the calendar).  

  3. Select the building graduating students will move to.  If this is the highest building in your corporation, then select the same school name as graduating students will stay in that database.  

  4. Upon touching “Next”, the graduation date will be attached to the students NOT marked as retained.

  5. Select stop/cancel on the next screen. Do not continue with the rollover process at this time






To assign the diploma types go to Guidance… Transcripts. You can use the filters to filter for just grade 12 and a particular grad track. Select all the students (deselect any that didn’t meet that diploma requirements) and touch the Diploma Type button. Pick the appropriate diploma type and say Okay. That diploma type will be assigned to all selected.

DESELECT ALL and then repeat the process for the other diploma types.


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