Importing PDF Score Results

To import the PDFs for school and parents to see, you must have the individual score results. Below are the instructions we have received regarding ILEARN, but as long as you can get individual results, you can import any PDF.

Downloading the correct files

  1. Go to the Online Reporting System, select a school from the drop-down and click Retrieve Student Results

  2. Choose the following criteria:

    1. Report type - PDFs of student reports

    2. PDF Type - Detailed ISR

    3. Report Format - One PDF per ISR in a zip file

    4. Touch Export to Inbox

  3. Repeat this process for each school.

NOTE: you must unzip the file prior to uploading to Harmony

The file name as delivered from the testing company includes the student’s STN. There is no need to rename the files as Harmony will use the STN to identify the files association with the appropriate student.

Harmony will keep the original file name, so that the files are easy to distinguish as future years and subject areas are added. The files are stored securely on the server and are only accessible via the link thru the Harmony login.

To upload your test results so they will be available in Harmony and Family Access:

  1. Go to Office Use… System Settings

  2. Touch actions at the top of the screen then Import Student Test reports

  3. Touch Select files button

    1. choose all of your PDFs you want to upload

*Note the files must be unzipped prior to uploading them

*Select the PDF files- not the folder they are in

  1. Touch Upload now

Accessing the PDFs from the student and in Family Access

Student record

  1. Open the student demographics

  2. Touch on the Test scores tab

  3. You will see any files that have been uploaded. Touch the file name and the PDF will open


Family Access

To make the results available to parents and students via Family Access:

  1. Go to Office Use… System Settings… Parent Access Profile… Web Profile

  2. Under Make the following available to parents, set the option for Standardized tests to Yes

  3. Save the profile

    1. this setting is per building so it can be controlled at the building level

The imported results are now available when the parents/students log in to Harmony Family Access. They can touch the links under standardized tests

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