Student not in IIEP

The first step is determining if you are sending a student school association for the student. If you have an active student school association the student should be in IIEP.

Use the Harmony API to see what data is in the ODS

  1. Office use.. Sync data.. IDOE Data Exchange

  1. View API Tool

  1. Choose studentSchoolAssociation as the resource

  2. Enter the STN as the ID

  3. Touch Run URL


The API will return the studentSchoolAssociation(s) that are in the DEX ODS fo the student. This is the actual data in DEX. A studentSchoolAssociation looks like this:

{"id" : "db59670098b8420fb16eda40168477d7",
"schoolReference" : {
"schoolId" : 1088889999,
"link" : {"rel" : "School",
"href" : "/ed-fi/schools/2a48b126a3b84d28ad3faba52579e8ff"}},
"schoolYearTypeReference" : {
"schoolYear" : 2024,
"link" : {"rel" : "SchoolYearType",
"href" : "/ed-fi/schoolYearTypes/1a102757272a4d8aab2c10a6ce3b9760"}},
"studentReference" : {
"studentUniqueId" : "T12340001",
"link" : {"rel" : "Student",
"href" : "/ed-fi/students/7eccb5ad1731462f8f02c08b9fda0cd2"}},
"entryDate" : "2023-08-08",
"entryGradeLevelDescriptor" : "uri://",
"exitWithdrawTypeDescriptor" : "uri://",
"primarySchool" : true,
"repeatGradeIndicator" : false,}

Look at the entryDate and exitWithdrawDate for the student

  • Entry date should be their first date of attendance

  • Exit date should not be present if the student is still enrolled

Remember a student may have multiple student school associations. They should have one for each segment of the school year they were in attendance. If they are currently enrolled, they should have a student school association that has an entry date but no exit date.

Are the Entry/Exit dates accurate for the student?

  • Yes

    • there is nothing you can do to

    • contact IDOE Support will need to be contacted

  • No

    • review the enrollment and withdrawal dates you have entered for the student

    • review the Status on the Guidance tab of the student- it can’t be Next Year or Graduated

    • review the ADM type of the student and make sure it is correct

    • correct the data and save the new enrollment or withdrawal record

If the student is a transfer out student you will need to make sure they have a student school association for this year- to do so they will need a new enrollment record