World Pay New Customer

We have a partnership with WorldPay where we have established special pricing for schools that use Harmony.

Our rep at WorldPay is Oz Mercado, her information is included here. Oz can answer specific questions about your merchant accounts and how it all works with your banks. Let Oz know that you are working with Harmony when you speak to them.

Oz Mercado
Sales Executive
Integrated Payments
T: 303-362-2532

The cost is set by WorldPay, Harmony doesn't charge anything for it.  There is a setup cost of $200 and the monthly recurring cost is $10/month for each account + any regulatory fees. 

Transactions are interchange+0.4% + $0.10 


Payments are made from the Harmony3 Family Access. They will have the option of paying for Textbook Rental, Lunch Account (IF you use Harmony Cafe), or Other Fees.  Because these are different funds/accounts for different purposes, in most schools, you can only pay one at a time. So to pay Lunch and TBR, you would make two separate transactions.


You have the option of charging an "access fee" to your parents, or not. Some schools do use the access fee to recover some of the cost for offering on-line payments, other schools feel it is worth the cost to collect their money up front, and avoid small claims court, collections, write-offs, etc.


Approved payments are posted to Harmony within an hour. Those payments will hit your bank in 1-2 business days. 


As a Worldpay partner, we will submit your name and contact information through the partner portal and a rep from Worldpay will reach out to you with the details of setting up an account for use with Harmony.


Once your account is established, we will be notified and we will set up your profile in Harmony to receive payments.





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