Cafe End of Year Rollover

You can access the rollover from the Cafeteria System Profile, under Menu \ System Settings.




You'll want to do the lowest grade level schools first then work your way up so elementary school(s) first, then do the MS, then do the HS.

Choose which school the students from that building go to and if you want to transfer their balances.  If you choose to transfer their balances you will have the option of zeroing out the balances in the building the students are leaving.  What this will do is when it moves the student with $10 to the MS, it will put an adjustment in the elementary school as a debit for $10 to zero out the account.


You will also have the option to make opening balance adjustments for INACTIVE accounts.  This may be beneficial if you keep your inactive accounts up to date.  Your Total Account balance would equal your total activity. 


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