SAT Import

SAT scores can be imported as long as you have the correct file. 

File Specifications

To get that file log in to the College Board site then click on the run report drop down (top right corner).  Then select raw data files for your system. 

This will bring up a list of records and you can choose which one you want to download. 

Pick SAT.  You must have correct access level to download the raw data files.  

The columns of importance, that must be in the correct position are STN, Date, Total, Reading/Writing, and Math.

If you make your file match those 5 columns it will import.  The file should be a csv file. 


The data is expected in the following columns:

STN column Z,

Date column AR,

Total column AU,

Reading/Writing column AV,

Math column AW


Import Instructions

To import the file go to Guidance.. Standardized Tests.  Pick your test (choose SAT) from the choices, enter the date you would like recorded for the tests, touch browse and find your csv file.  Then touch Import.  You will receive a confirmation message when the process is complete.


You may now view the results when you open the student demographics and touch Test Scores.


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