Student End of Year Rollover

Rollover is a simple process as long as you prepare and coordinate within your corporation.

Make sure all buildings are ready to rollover (all must complete the ). 

Coordinate a date for your corporation to complete your rollover and  begin with the lowest level grade buildings first and work your way up.

Once your student rollover process is complete, review your data.

Update the grading period dates on the system profile.  The school year, term and grading period have automatically been set for you.

Once your student rollover is complete for all buildings you may do your cafe and health records rollover.

Check the “Grades offered” on the System Profile prior to rollover.  The rollover process will make the highest grade level listed on your System Profile move into the recent graduate’s view.  If the grades offered are not accurate, please correct them prior to beginning the rollover process.   For instance, grade 13 should not be a grade offered on our System Profile.  Grade 12 should be the highest grade level listed.

The rollover process must be done from the lowest grade level building to the highest.  Start with your elementary and then work your way through all the buildings. 


To begin the rollover process, go to Office Use…Rollover….Promote Students.


  1. Select which students will be retained in each grade level.  Each student check marked will display to the right so you can see a running list of student names that will be marked as retained. 

  2. Enter the graduation date for the seniors (select from the calendar).  

  3. Select the building graduating students will move to.  If this is the highest building in your corporation, then select the same school name as graduating students will stay in that database.  

  4. Upon touching “Next”, all active and incoming students will be marked as promoted except for those students listed at the top of the popup box that are flagged as retained.  At this point, students’ grade levels will not show as advanced.  This step just marks their record as to whether they are promoted or retained. 

  5. Verify that everything for the current school year is completed.  You will need to check off each item before touching “yes, continue”.   If any of these items are not completed, please touch “no, I’m not ready to continue”.  

When you select “yes, continue” you will see another screen alerting you that your state reports must all be certified before continuing.  If your reports are all certified you may continue  

  1. Select if you wish to clear any data on the students records.  One thing to note, the extracurricular activities does not clear the history of activities on the student.  Instead, it just clears the current activity for the new school year.  This will allow you to start fresh with new activities for the new school year.  It is recommended you clear Extracurricular activities

  2. Upon touching “Finish”, the grade levels on your students will be advanced if they were not retained.  This step looks at the System Profile to see what grade levels are offered.  If the student moves up to a grade level that is not offered, then they are moved to the inactive graduates view. 







After the rollover is completed, this process cannot be done again.  This will prevent the grade levels from being advanced more than one time.

  1. The System Profile must be updated with the new school year information.  Open the System Profile in Office Use… system settings.  The school year should automatically be set to the new school year and the current term and grading period should be set to 1.  You MUST enter the new grading period dates.