End of Year Checklist

GRADE REPORTS - (Save all reports to PDF for future reference)

  • All report cards complete

  • All Honor Roll reports complete

  • Student eligibility complete

  • Update dual credit classes

  • Add weight to classes

  • Update GPA/Class Rank

  • Upload transcripts to Parchment


  • Withdraw all foreign exchange students with the exit code of 27 as of the last day of school

  • Graduate early graduates (not in grade 12 this school year)

  • Create an end of year export that has pertinent student data as of that time

    • You may wish to include fields for grade, lunch status, special education, ADM, retained, cohort


Make sure all data is submitted, updated and accurate

Download the roster for EACH REPORT

These rosters should be used to review the data you are signing off on.  You should also keep these files in a location on your schools network where they will be available for future use during audits, etc.  You cannot access prior years of DEX.  For that reason, you MUST download and keep these rosters for your school.  Harmony will NOT be able to retrieve these for you after rollover


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