CHIRP Integration

Setting up the Integration

  1. Go to Health ... Immunizations. Touch on CHIRP Settings.


  1. Enter the account information provided to you by the ISDH. You may also enter the email address of the person that would like a summary of the immunization uploads. 

  1. Save and Close the CHIRP Profile. 

Sending and Receiving Immunization Data

You are now ready to send and receive data with CHIRP! 

To upload student immunization data:

  1. Select (checkmark) the student(s) you would like to send to CHIRP.

  2. Touch Upload Selected.


You may do individual students or a batch. 


Only active students that have the CHIRP box checked will be sent.

If the student is inactive or CHIRP is not marked, the student will be skipped.

The upload will send all the vaccination records recorded in Harmony for the selected eligible student(s) to CHIRP. 


You may use the show filters area to get a subset of your students. You may filter by grade, CHIRP, and Exempt. This is a good way to work with a specific grade level at a time. 


Once the upload is complete, the email address listed on the profile will receive a summary of the data submitted. It will include which students were uploaded and how many records per student. 


CHIRP then will deduplicate/compare the records you sent with what is already listed in CHIRP for the student and update their CHIRP record. This process can take 24 hours for CHIRP to complete. You will not see the records you sent immediately added to CHIRP. You will see those after 24 hours. The student will also be updated in CHIRP to be a student of your district and their STN number will be their ID number in CHIRP. 


To download/query student immunization data from CHIRP :

  1. Select (checkmark) a single student you would like to download from CHIRP.

  2. Touch Download Selected. 


The data for the student in CHIRP will be updated automatically in Harmony. Once the download is complete, you can open the immunization record for the student and see the changes. 


FYI- The student must be listed as your school district's student in CHIRP for you to be able to download immunizations for that student. To make a student part of your district you must upload immunization data to CHIRP for that student first. Then their additional data from CHIRP can be downloaded 24 hours later. 

The CHIRP credentials are HL7 Credentials for the purpose of sending and receiving immunization data. These are not the credentials for your personal CHIRP account.

To get your school district credentials for the Harmony CHIRP integration please contact:

Raymond T. Epps, | Registry/Helpdesk Manager
Office of Technology and Compliance
CHIRP/Immunization Support Team
office: 317-234-2584•mobile: 317-407-6579 • fax: 317-232-0356 •Helpdesk:

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