Student Physicals

You can track what students have completed physicals and the date the physical was completed in Harmony.

This data can be entered on the student’s demographics on the Health tab. Check the box that the Physical is complete and enter the date completed.

This data can be utilized and viewed in many places.

Health.. student physicals will provide you a list of all students that have Physical marked as complete. You can see the date and the physician information as well.

If you need to clear the physical information on some or all students, select the students to clear and touch the Clear physicals button. That will clear the Physical Complete checkbox and the date for ALL SELECTED students.

Extracurricular activities will also show you this data. Students will be listed under each activity they participate in and the physical data is displayed.

If you want a list of who does not have a complete physical, use the Extracurricular activities view and touch show filters. Under physical pick Incomplete then touch apply




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