Multiple Disciplinarians

To have two or more disciplinarians notified of pending discipline referrals we recommend doing the following:

  1. Set up a staff member named Middle School Disciplinarian, High School Disciplinarian, etc.  (or whatever you choose). 

  2. For the email address, use something like

  3. Have your IT department set up that email address to forward to the staff that want to be notified.  

  4. Set the new disciplinarian name from the Discipline drop down menu on the System Profile. 


As discipline referrals are entered and marked office- the disciplinarian will be set to the disciplinarian on the system profile. An email is then sent to that disciplinarian’s email address from the staff document. Your email program will then forward that on to all in that group.

The individuals will get notification for the pending discipline referral.  They can find that referral under the students name in Discipline Lookup. They can change the Handled by field to their name.


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Multiple DisciplinariansRonda NaasAug 24, 2023