Curricular Materials/Book Fees Report

For the 2023-2024 school year the curricular materials/book fees reporting has changed. Public schools no longer need to submit curricular materials programs for students that qualify and schools can not charge parents for curricular materials, books or consumables. However, you need the data of what you would have charged to complete the curricular materials jot form.

To make the compilation of data easy for you for this form, go to Office use… Text book rental… Book Fees Report. If it is the first time you have utilized this feature the view will be blank. Touch Create report and run the report for all students. A Textbook Rental List will be created and will include the amount per grade level (elementary) or by course (middle/high school) for curricular materials, books and consumables as well as a separate column for fees. The amount of curricular materials by grade level will also be included. This information is found on the TBR profile (System settings… TBR Profile).

The amount listed for fees will also be on the list but is not included in the column totals in the view

Once the report has been generated you will see your totals per student, grade level, and building. That is the information needed to complete the jot form.


The amount of books, consumables, and fees for each course at the middle school/high school level come from what is entered on the course. If any changes need to be made the course amounts will need to be updated. Go to Fee amounts to make these changes. The amount of books, consumables, and fees for the elementary are entered per grade level. Go to Fee amounts to add/edit the amounts.

In the summary for each grade you will see the amount for curricular materials, consumables and curricular materials + consumables. Many of you will want to use that total for the jot form.

We also have a column for the fees and the total. The total includes curricular materials, books, consumables and fees for each course/grade. If your school feels that the data entered under Fees on the courses should be included you can see the Fee total and include that in your jot form total.

If you need to remove the text book rental list, select the records you want to remove and touch actions… delete selected records.